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Love In The Ice: Chapter 3

Title: Love In The Ice
Parings: [main] Jaejoong and Fictional girl && [side]Junsu and Fictional girl.
Ratings: Don't Know. You tell me.
Warnings: I dont think I have any...

Summary: "Home--the only time and place that protects you from the world made of lies."

My name's Lee Hyun Ae. Thick skinned, independent, strong, hard-headed Hyun Ae. Well...that's what most people describe me as. I never understood why though. I'm not mean at all. I just don't let people get close to me since I don't trust anyone, but one person, Han So Young, my girly since childhood. My best friend, almost like a perfect sister. I have a house to live in -- with two parents. Stupid parents.  Mom's nocturnal-- sleeping during day and going out during the night, and dad's an alcoholic. Though I have a house to live in, I never had a place to call Home. Until he came along and revived my frozen stiff heart, making it learn the definition of hate, hurt, passion, and love. Until he...

Kim JaeJoong...

swept the dust away and brought different varieties of color into my life.
Chapter Three: In Her Hands.

Hyun didn't know what to do but stare at the person talking to almost everyone.

Jaejoong. All of a sudden in her dance crew.


Hyun tried not to get the question stuck in her head. She continued to stretch her legs as she turned off her MP3 player.

"Alright, gather up!" Their choreographer, John, clapped his hands, signaling everyone to gather around him. "We have a new member, Jaejoong, joining us from now on." Jaejoong stepped out from the group and stood next to him "Don't worry though. He already knows most of the dance steps. He was in the same dance program as us, but in a different school, so he's practically at our level by now." The group applauded for Jaejoong. Jaejoong thanked and bowed lightly. "Today he won't be dancing with us, he'll just watch as we practice. That way, he can learn more about us. Alright?"

"Yes!" The group responded.

"Alright. Jaejoong, you can stand over there. Group, go to your positions!"

The group began to set up their spots and positions as they waited for the music to start. Hyun took a deep breath. The performance was to end with her solo part. She must practice more since she held more responsibility.

The music started. Right on the first beat of the rhythm, Hyun and the crew moved. They were fully focused and concentrated, stepping and moving altogether with perfect timing. They were all doing their parts and moves that they were suppose to do, but they all danced as one.

Jaejoong stood at the back of the room and watched. He didn't expect such good and hard dance moves, but he was still confident. He hasn't danced for a while, but he'll catch up again. Strangely, even though he sees the crew dancing, he was looking at how that girl all the way in front was dancing. His lab partner, the weird one that always sleeps and looks out the window. Oh yes, he remembers because he spent the whole science period looking at her. He was curious about the girl that acted so different and mature among the class. He was quite surprised when he saw her walk into the dance room. But now, seeing her dance made him even more shocked and impressed.

Hyun was already up to the point where she was in her own world by the time it was close to her solo part. After one last dance move, the rest of the group backed off to the back of the room and stayed still in their positions, watching Hyun. Hyun didn't care. It didn't matter. For now she was dancing, dancing until the music stopped playing. Her solo was made up of the most complexed moves that needed her whole body to work with. That's why she's the most important part of the whole performance. She was already sweating, but she didn't care. Her body was not sore anymore.

Dancing was a drug for her.

It was her only way to escape from reality.

After the last step and move, the music stopped. Hyun was left sweating and red. But she wasn't exhausted yet, because this...this was just a warm up.

"Good job guys! Especially you Hyun! Just work on your posture a little bit. Alright, now onto the next!" John began to fiddle with the stereo again. The group walked back to the center of the dance floor, but this time, they were in different places and positions. Still, Hyun was in the front.

The music started and again, Hyun was surrounded by the quick heart pulsing beats and rhythm that vibrated the floor. Her ears buzzed and her body was numb again. She was still unconscious about how a pair of eyes was locked on her.

Fifty-four minutes of non-stop dancing passed, and dance practice was over. Everyone was packing up and getting ready to leave, commenting each other how good they were during practice. Especially Hyun, who was sitting on the floor stretching, waving everyone goodbye. Jaejoong and John were talking near the corner of the room. Everyone besides Hyun and Jaejoong changed. Hyun's black tank top was getting moist and sticky from her sweat. Her sweats were folded up above her knees. Her ponytail dangled in wet strands and her side bangs clung onto her face. Her legs and arms glistened with sweat.

"Hyun!" Hyun turned to look at John. "Yes?" She saw him and Jaejoong walking towards her. She continued stretching for a few minutes and looked up at them. "Hyun, from now on, I'd like you to guide Jaejoong the dance steps and what is expected of him by next week." Hyun looked at Jaejoong, who looked right back at her. After a few seconds, Hyun looked at John. "Why?"

"Because I believe you can take on a challenge and responsibility. I trust and believe in you. Do you think you can take this? Because I know you have jobs and tight schedules."

Hyun stared into space.

It didn't matter to her. It's not like she has a problem with her jobs. She needed money since she wasn't getting any. She was practically living by herself. Her parents payed the bills, but Hyun was the one using her own hard earned money to fill in the empty fridge in the kitchen and the empty closet in her bedroom.

She looked at John. "Okay. I'll do it."

He smiled. "Thanks. He's in your hands now Hyun." He picked up his sports bag and walked out the room.

There was silence as Hyun continued to stretch. Jaejoong stood there, waiting. Hyun took a deep relaxing breath as she slowly stood up and faced him. Still, those eyes pierced her. HARD. "Did you watch as we practiced?" Jaejoong nodded, "Yeah." Hyun walked towards the corner of the room. She plugged in the cord attached to the stereo. She pressed a button and the first song that they used during the beginning of practice started playing.

She looked at Jaejoong, "Now, John expects a lot from you. It's quite shocking from him to just let someone into our crew, so you must work hard to reach what he expects, so he won't regret his actions." Hyun was taken back from the strong confidence she saw in his eyes, but she stayed calm and continued, "Every person in this crew worked very hard to get into where they are now. Now it's your turn.  This whole dance performance is practically a whole hour and fifteen minutes of non-stop dancing. This school performance means a lot because many special and very important people come to watch. It's like an audition for a famous art school." She took a few steps back and replayed the song. "For now, show me what you know so far."

Jaejoong positioned himself and waited for the beat. Right when the first beat started, he began to step and move. Hyun's eyes widened in shock, impressed by Jaejoong. After Jaejoong finished the basics and routine of the first two sessions of the entire dance, he stopped. He stood there trying to catch his breath.

Hyun stood there, mouth slightly opened. She studied him, watching how his chest rose up and down heavily. Then she saw Jaejoong lift his head and look at her. Hyun quickly looked down and cleared her throat. "Yeah...well, I'm very impressed. Your structure and timing is very good. Now I know where to start you off." She went back to the center of the dance floor and sat down. She began stretching.

"What made you chose your decision?" Jaejoong's soft and deep voice rung through her ears.

Hyun stopped stretching. She slowly looked at at him. "What?"

Jaejoong was looking up the ceiling, still breathing heavily. "What made you decide to join this crew?"

Hyun froze. She didn't know how to answer. She had a very good reason why. She closed her eyes and continued to stretch. "Something made me decide to join."

Jaejoong looked at Hyun. She continued stretching, staring at the floor. She slowly sat up straight with her legs out before her. She hasn't been asked about that question for a while, and she was still not planning on telling everyone about her way of living. She took in a deep breath. "Do you know a place we can practice tomorrow since we don't have school?"

"My house."

Hyun snapped her head at him and looked at him, puzzled.

"My house has a dance room."

Hyun looked down at her sweaty legs. "I don't know where you live." Her tone was getting stern again.

"I'll pick you up in front of the school. Afternoon. Exact." With that, Jaejoong bowed slightly and walked over to the chairs and picked up his bag and clothes. "See you."

Hyun looked at the wall sized mirrors, watching Jaejoong disappear, leaving the door open. After a few seconds of staring into space Hyun let out a big frustrating sigh.

That spoiled brat. He had to bring up that question right? He had to show off his damn house right? Is he pitying me? Because I don't have a place to practice in? Because he's damn stubbornly rich and I'm just average. Irritation and frustration seeped in her.

She stood up and quietly walked towards the stereo on the table. She looked at the clock on the wall. 5:58 P.M. All the students should be gone by now, except the teachers. They should all be at the top floor in the office. Hyun pressed the play button on the stereo and turned the music louder, loud enough for her to feel the floor vibrate along with the beat and rhythm. She walked back into the center of the dance floor and stared straight at her own reflection. Flashbacks of bad memories gushed into her mind. She glared at herself, hating herself for being so sensitive. When the first beat started, she took off. She was back in her own world, but this time, dancing and sweating off every pain and hurt that the past brought back. She made her body numb again and the fast and furious beating of her heart was comforting her. She pushed herself hard enough until salty tears poured down her numb face, mixing with the heavy sweat.

She was so focused, she didn't even notice a guy hiding near the doorway, watching her in pain. A guy in his white beater and loose sweats; flawless skin...and intense eyes.

Just watching her dance in pain, trying to escape from reality.
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