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Love In The Ice: Chapter 4

Title: Love In The Ice
Parings: [main] Jaejoong and Fictional girl && [side]Junsu and Fictional girl.
Ratings: Don't Know. You tell me.
Warnings: I dont think I have any...

Summary: "Home--the only time and place that protects you from the world made of lies."

My name's Lee Hyun Ae. Thick skinned, independent, strong, hard-headed Hyun Ae. Well...that's what most people describe me as. I never understood why though. I'm not mean at all. I just don't let people get close to me since I don't trust anyone, but one person, Han So Young, my girly since childhood. My best friend, almost like a perfect sister. I have a house to live in -- with two parents. Stupid parents.  Mom's nocturnal-- sleeping during day and going out during the night, and dad's an alcoholic. Though I have a house to live in, I never had a place to call Home. Until he came along and revived my frozen stiff heart, making it learn the definition of hate, hurt, passion, and love. Until he...

Kim JaeJoong...

swept the dust away and brought different varieties of color into my life.
Chapter 4: In His House.

Jaejoong opened his eyes and saw darkness. He slowly rolled himself stiffly to his right. There he saw bright red glowing numbers glaring at him, making him strain and squint his eyes.

8:43 AM.

Jaejoong groaned as he sunk his head deeper into his pillow. He didn't want to get up. He was too lazy, but he stretched and layed on his back, staring at the ceiling.

...Hyun Ae.

Right. He has dance practice with her today. Yesterday's events started to slowly sneak its way into Jaejoong's half asleep mind. Vivid and clear images of Hyun's face and body appeared before him. Dancing, sweating, and crying. The girl who everyone told him about. The girl who's supposedly the most mature, strong, independent, hardheaded girl in the school.

After a while, Jaejoong became fully awake. He continued to stare at the ceiling. He couldn't stop thinking. He couldn't help but wonder why people don't notice Hyun's "strong" and "hard-headed" personality is just a mask over herself. It's so obvious.

Jaejoong slowly got out of his bed and walked towards his thick gray curtains that blocked the bright sunlight peaking through the edges.

He drew the curtains away, brightening and lighting up his bedroom. He shivered a little when he felt a slight breeze, causing little goosebumps to form on his bare chest. He looked at his clock again.

9:15 AM.

Wow. That was a lot of thinking.

Jaejoong stretched one more time and took off his pajamas as he walked towards his closet and opened it, looking for something comfortable to wear for today.

She was running. Running with all her might.
"Get away from me!!"

"Come back here, you bitch!"

"Get away from me!" She started crying. She was tired and weak. Her shirt was torn in half and her pants were practically shredded. She was shaking in the cold night.

"I said come back here! I'M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU!"

She couldn't stop crying. Her heart felt like it stopped beating. Her feet ached and stung with every step she took.

"APPA! UMMA! Where are you?!"
It was no use for crying out loud. She knew it was useless. Through her flooding tears she can see her house, but what made her panic was that she didn't see one single light shine in it. She stumbled onto the footsteps of her house and banged on the door violently.

"APPA! UMMA! APPA! UMMA! OPEN THE DOOR! PLEASE! OPEN THE DOOR!" She looked back and saw a black figure running towards her. She began to pound her fists even harder. She weeped and clung onto the door, until someone behind her---


Hyun shot up from her sleep, breathing unsteadily. Her watery eyes darted everywhere as her heart kept beating in a fast rate.

Finally remembering where she is, she began to calm down. She looked at So Young, who was sleeping soundly on Hyun's legs with a pillow on top. Food surrounded them and the television was still on from last night. Hyun sighed and smiled in relief.

It was just another memory...

She looked at the silver clock hanging on the wall.

11:47 AM.

Hyun's eyes widened. Right! She has to meet up with Jaejoong!

"...Afternoon. Exact," she recaptured what he said.

She cursed under her breath and looked at So Young sleeping so peacefully like a kitty. Hyun smiled and she slowly slipped out of bed. After she cleaned the place up, she took a quick shower, dressed up in white sweat shorts and a gray sports bra with a white tank top on top, and headed out after leaving some breakfast and a morning note for So Young.

Jaejoong looked at his watch.

11:58 AM.

He didn't expect himself to be a few minutes early, but oh well. Whatever. He was bored and didn't have much to do anyways. He was in his BMW Z4, parked in front of the empty school. He looked at his watch again.

11:59 AM.

Jaejoong shifted in his seat and looked at himself. He began fiddling his hair, until he saw a small figure from a distance running. Jaejoong continued to stare in his mirror, watching the figure appear closer and closer. It was a girl carrying her sports bag with white sweat shorts and a gray sports bra with a white tank top over. Her brown hair was tied into a really messy ponytail. Jaejoong smirked and looked at his watch.

12:00 AM. Wow. She took it seriously.

Hyun kept running and halted right in front of Jaejoong's car. Panting, she looked down at Jaejoong. "I woke up later then I expected."

Jaejoong smiled. "It's fine. Just get in."

Surprised at his smile, Hyun walked around his car and got in. She settled herself and buckled up, putting her bag on her lap. After a few seconds of waiting, Hyun wondered why Jaejoong didn't start the car already. She looked at Jaejoong, to find him looking at her.


"Your hair is funny."

Hyun looked away and tried to fix her hair. "Shut up," she snapped at him.

Jaejoong grinned and started the engine.

"You act a bit different when you're not in school." Hyun looked at him blankly.

"So?" Jaejoong asked, his attention still on the wheel.

"I dunno."

"Well, you're different too you know. I never expected the 'cool' and 'mature' Lee Hyun Ae to run up to me like that."

Hyun eyed him. "Shut Up!" she snapped at him again.

Jaejoong bit his inner cheeks to prevent himself from smiling too much. As he kept his eyes on the road, he heard Hyun go through her bag.

"Is your house a bit far from school?"

"I guess." Jaejoong stopped at a red light. "It's almost a 30 minute drive."

"Of course."

Jaejoong looked at Hyun. Hyun finally pulled out a CD case from her bag, but noticed Jaejoong looking at her with a weird look. She rolled her eyes.

"What I'm saying is that I should've known, since you're rich. I mean, you don't usually see a fancy house pop out among these neighborhoods right?"

Jaejoong stayed quiet and continued driving when red light turned to green light.

"Well, how about you?"

Without even looking at Jaejoong, Hyun said a simple answer in a plain tone, "Me? Just know that I'm not you."

Jaejoong gave her a quick glance before he turned left. There she does again, being so general.

"Here," Hyun plopped in the CD. "I made a copy of the music we're going to be using for rehearsals and performance." This way, you can get familiar with the beat."


Hyun looked out the window and started to notice where they were arriving in. As they continued driving, there were less and less people walking. Old houses slowly became brand new and tall white fancy houses, with grassy backyards and clear swimming pools.

"Wow..." Hyun was speechless. They were in the rich resident. She never thought there were actual places.

Since there were less cars on the road, he slowed down his driving and looked at Hyun staring at each house. He kept his eyes back on the road again.

"People living here...must be really...lucky..." Hyun muttered quietly to herself.

Jaejoong looked at her. He stayed quiet throughout the rest of the ride, listening to the CD that was playing. Hyun continued to look out the window, one third of her excited, one third disappointed, one third...nothing.

When they finally arrived, Jaejoong parked his car on his many parking lots. Hyun popped out her CD as Jaejoong turned off his engine. When Hyun got out the car, she looked at the cars. "Wow," Hyun said sarcastically. "Three cars."

"Yeah." Jaejoong closed the car door. "One for each person." Hyun rolled her eyes and followed Jaejoong up the spotless white front steps.

Jaejoong fiddled with a couple of keys until he picked one and opened the door. "Come in." He walked into his house, threw his keys carelessly on the mini counter next to him as took off his shoes. When Hyun walked in, she was speechless. Everywhere was spotless and white, well organized and beautiful. Just like a dream place. Just like those expensive condos you see on advertisements. Hyun took her time taking off her shoes as she looked around with her mouth slightly opened.

A few minutes later, Jaejoong came walking towards her. She had to admit, with a guy like Jaejoong in this type of house--it just makes everything seem so perfect.
"Here." Jaejoong gave her a glass of orange juice and he gently took her bag off her shoulder and hung it on a rack next to her. She never knew even a silver rack can look beautiful.


Jaejoong turned around and started walking. "Don't just stand there babo. I'll show you around." Hyun quickly followed Jaejoong. As they walked they stopped to their right. "That's the living room." He pointed at three doors in the hallway. "My bedroom, parents', and bathroom."
"Where are you're parents now?" Hyun asked him.
"Business trip with Xiah's parents. Xiah lives next door."
They continued walking and they entered the kitchen. Jaejoong pointed at a door. "That's the guest room with its own bathroom." They continued upstairs. They passed Jaejoong's dad's office, mom's office, another guestroom and bathroom, gym, and finally the dance room.

"What?!" Hyun said as she looked around. "You call this a dance room?!" She gaped. The mirror had no scratch or smudge-it was clear and perfectly clean. There were built in surround sounds at every corner of the room, top and bottom.
"This is like a freaking dance club!"

Jaejoong smiled, watching Hyun smile in shock and excitement. He liked how passionate she was when it came to things that involved dancing. "Well," he stood at the doorway. "Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

Hyun looked at him, trying to keep a normal face. "It's alright."

Jaejoong smiled and rolled her eyes. It was so obvious. There's so much excitement in her eyes.

Hyun stared at Jaejoong. To be honest, she found Jaejoong's personality quite nice and charming, especially his smile. She started to study his features, for the first time. His skin, lips, facial structure...


Hyun froze as her eyes met his. She quickly looked away and walked towards the stereo that was on a glass table. "Nothing." She tried to hide her embarrassment, struggling to control the color tone of her face.

"Anyways. I'll be right back okay? I'm gonna go change."

Hyun put in the same CD into the CD player. "Yeah."

She watched Jaejoong walk and disappear. When the music started playing, Hyun couldn't believe it. She felt like she was in air. The music surrounded her, making her literally feel every beat. She smiled and walked towards the center of the floor. She faced the mirror and got into position, closing her eyes. She did light moves, concentrating on her posture and working on her routine. In a few minute, without her even knowing, she was dancing her heart out again. She felt like she controlled every beat. She flowed with every melody and her heart beat along the fast rhythm. She forgot where she was...

Until the music stopped.

Hyun snapped back to reality.

"Eh?" Hyun looked around and saw Jaejoong next to the stereo. This time he wore black sweats and a light t-shirt.

"Jaejoong!" Hyun looked at him blankly. "When did you come back?"

"Just about 2 minutes ago."

"Oh..." Hyun said, her face flushed in embarrassment.

Jaejoong smirked. "You didn't even see me walk in."

Hyun rolled her eyes as she walked towards him. "Shut up you babo." She reached over to press the play button, and the music started. Jaejoong followed her to the middle of the dance floor.

"Now," Hyun said, starting off their practice. "What I think you should work on right now is keeping up to pace and dancing a bit more harder and faster. It's like an exercise so you can get use to dancing for a long time, because last time you danced two verses and you were already out of breath."

Jaejoong nodded at her.

"Okay, so let's start...."


So Young woke up in the bright sunlight, making her shove her face into her pillow. She squeaked and groaned.



So Young's mind went blank. Five minutes later So Young remembered Hyun slept over last night. They stayed up till 2 A.M. talking about everything and anything. So Young slowly pulled herself together and sat up. She wore nothing but her daddy's old collar shirt and short shorts. She yawned and stretched as she looked around. Her eyes widened as she stared around her bedroom.


Didn't So Young and Hyun fall asleep with the television on?  Didn't they eat till half of the food from the refrigerator was gone?

So Young blinked blankly and stared into space. After a few minutes she dragged herself out of her messy bed and yawned.  Her mind was still half asleep as she continued to walk...

and bumped into a wall.

She frowned as she noticed what just happened, but her stomach growled. She continued to walk down the hall and into the kitchen and saw food left on the table and a white paper.

She blinked at it curiously as she scratched her messy head.
She walked slowly towards the table and took the paper and read it.

Morning Youngiee,
I'm out right now, but eat the breakfast I left you. If it tastes bad then cook something else okay? As long as you eat! I might be back a little bit late since I'm gonna be at Jaejoong's house.

-Lee Hyun Ae.

Oohhh! Right! Hyun's going to Mr. Hottie number 2's house!

So Young smiled. She looked around her bright kitchen and stretched one more time before heading towards the bathroom to brush her teeth. She was still brushing her teeth until the her doorbell rang.


The doorbell rang again.

So Young spat out her toothpaste and washed her mouth.
Did Hyun come back already?

She hurried towards the door and slowly opened the door. Shock hit her. Mr. Hottie number 1!!

"So Young! Ahn You-" Xiah gaped and looked at her. So Young blinked at Xiah, wondering why he was here. That's when it finally hit her. "OH!" So Young flushed red. Today he was suppose to come over and help her with the project! She mentally slapped herself. "Ehehee, sorry, I kinda blanked out."

Xiah looked at her, trying not to laugh. "So Young..."

So Young looked at him innocently. "What?"

"Did you...just wake up?"

So Young then realized why he asked that question.


Leaving the door open for Xiah to come in, she ran into her bedroom to change. So Young was red as a tomato as she slapped herself on the forehead. BABO! She should've changed first! This is the most embarrassing moment of her life!

Xiah stood there at the doorway, holding science textbooks and research papers. In a few seconds, he started laughing as he walked in and closed the door. He couldn't help it. She was just too adorable.


"Okay, that's good. Just, move your leg like this; a bit farther."

Hyun instructed Jaejoong as he followed.  Hyun walk behind him and touched his shoulder. "Your shoulders are too tense, relax them a bit. Now try the move again."

Finally. He finally did it.

"Good." Hyun looked at the clock. 3:00P.M. already!

Hyun was getting really tired. Hyun was back to sweating again and she felt dirtier than ever since she didn't take a shower this morning. Yesterday after school she danced until 8 P.M. the longest time she stayed to practice.   Even though she skipped one of her jobs, she continued with her second one. After that, she went to So Young's house at 9 and slept at 2. She was getting a bit weak now. "Um, Jaejoong, I think it's enough practice." Jaejoong grabbed his towel and wiped off his brow. For a first time in a long time he hasn't exercised like this. He was out of breath. He took off his shirt, showing his wet white beater. He drained down a bottle of fresh water and he shook the sweat out of his hair. Feeling like someone was watching him, he slowly looked at Hyun. As he expected, she was staring at him, but looked away immediately. Jaejoong grinned.


Hyun glared at him as she turned off the stereo. She was going to walk towards the door until she felt a bit woozy.

"..shit," she cursed under her breath and she held onto the glass table for support.


Hyun closed her eyes shut and her head hung. She tried to pull herself together, intaking deep breaths.

"Hyun are you alright?" Hyun tried opening her eyes, but immediately shut them when she saw multiples of Jaejoong's feet.


Like as if someone just shut her mind off, she felt herself slowly and weakly let go of the table and fall...

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