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Love In The Ice: Chapter 7

Title: Love In The Ice
Parings: [main] Jaejoong and Fictional girl && [side]Junsu and Fictional girl.
Ratings: Don't Know. You tell me.
Warnings: I dont think I have any...

Summary: "Home--the only time and place that protects you from the world made of lies."

My name's Lee Hyun Ae. Thick skinned, independent, strong, hard-headed Hyun Ae. Well...that's what most people describe me as. I never understood why though. I'm not mean at all. I just don't let people get close to me since I don't trust anyone, but one person, Han So Young, my girly since childhood. My best friend, almost like a perfect sister. I have a house to live in -- with two parents. Stupid parents.  Mom's nocturnal-- sleeping during day and going out during the night, and dad's an alcoholic. Though I have a house to live in, I never had a place to call Home. Until he came along and revived my frozen stiff heart, making it learn the definition of hate, hurt, passion, and love. Until he...

Kim JaeJoong...

swept the dust away and brought different varieties of color into my life.

Chapter 7: In His Arms.

It was late at night, and the stars shined proudly out of the navy sky. The once busy town became quiet, calm, and luminous under the moonlight. The streets were empty as the parks were deserted. But if you look in one of the parks, you can see two figures in the court yard, talking and laughing with the sound of a basketball dribbling against the concrete floor.

So Young laughed as she won another game. "YEAH! I WIN! OH YEAH! 10th TIME! OH YEAH!" So Young grinned proudly at the panting Xiah. Xiah, out of breath, plopped himself on the ground and laid there. So Young sat next to him and watched him close his eyes, his broad and firm chest rising up and down.

"Good game," Xiah breathed out, his eyes still closed. So Young grinned. "Thanks! Haha, now you owe me!"
Xiah chuckled. "Yeah yeah, what do I owe you?"

"A dinner with me tonight!" So Young stared at him happily as he opened his eyes to look at her. "Oppa I want you to try my cooking!" Xiah couldn't help but smile sweetly at her.

"And besides, no one's home." So Young frowned. "I don't like being alone." Xiah then remembered that Hyun was staying over at Jaejoong's house. Xiah looked at Hyun who was fiddling with the shoelaces of her gray converses.  

"I'll stay to eat dinner!" So Young looked up at Xiah with glee. "Really? Really really really?" Xiah laughed out loud, causing So Young to giggle. "Yeah. Really. My parents are not home either." So Young cheered in delight. "Good! You can help me cook then!!" Then, So Young grabbed his hand again and started running.

Xiah couldn't believe this girl. She was so sporty! "Ya! So Young! I'm tired! Let's walk!"

"No slowpoke!" So Young yelled out loud. She was glad she was leading him. That way, Xiah wouldn't see her turn so red. This was the first time she was being so energetic around a boy she liked. She's not shy when she's around Xiah. She doesn't know why, but she felt so comfortable and safe with him. She knows she was slowly developing feelings for him.

"C'mon Youngie! I'm tired!"
Xiah kept looking at their hands, smiling to himself. This girl...she's so different from the rest. He laughed out his fluttery feeling as he felt the night breeze on his face. He never felt so light and happy before. So alive.

So Young turned her head to look at Xiah. "No way! After running, you'd get even more hungry, and that'll make you eat more dinner!" So Young laughed out a joyous feeling inside her as they both ran through the town under the dark beautiful night.


Hyun was finally letting go of her temper while taking a hot steamy shower. At last! She was finally clean! She stepped out of the showers slowly, grabbing the white towel next to the other dozen of clean and laundried towels stacked neatly on the table. She patted herself dry as she felt the thick hot air surround her. She wrapped the towel around herself as she took another towel to dry her hair. She was about to reach the metal bar that was attached against the wall to get some clothes but that's when it suddenly hit her.

She didn't bring any.

She gaped in horror. She didn't want to wear her dirty clothes again! It's all covered with dried sweat! She cursed  under her breath as she looked all over the place, trying to think of something to do, until she saw a white note laying on the floor in front of the closed door. She looked at it curiously as she walked over to pick it up. She started reading it.

Yah, Babo,

You didn't bring any clean clothes.
Unless you want to wear your dirty ones,
for now just wear my clothes.
I put them right outside the door.

Hope you enjoyed your shower,

p.s.- You take really long showers! Did you die in there?!

Hyun rolled her eyes as her cheeks glowed. A small smile was tugging at the corner of her lips. How can he be such a jerk, yet so nice and sweet? Hyun placed the note on the table and she slowly opened the door and poked her head out. She looked around and saw no one. She looked down and there was a gray t shirt and blue shorts. She quickly grabbed it and closed the door. After changing, she walked out the bathroom, followed by the steam from the showers. She stood outside the hallway, stretching and breathing in fresh air.    Suddenly she smelled something cooking...something that smelled so good. Hyun heard her stomach rumble and growl furiously. She was practically drooling as she followed the smell. It led her down the hall, down the stairs, and then to her left. She walked into the kitchen and stood still.

With his back facing Hyun, Jaejoong was cooking. He was humming a sweet melody, but what shocked her the most was how well he could sing. Hyun smirked. She silently crept up behind his back until they were only centimeters apart. Hyun slowly lowered her mouth near his ear and yelled,


Jaejoong cursed out loud as he flinched back in shock. "Hyun!" Hyun laughed out loud until her stomach hurt. Jaejoong stood there in embarrassment, glaring at her. Hyun just couldn't stop laughing. A cool Jaejoong making such a scared and shocked face was just priceless. Absolutely priceless! "You should've seen the look on your face!" Hyun was close to tears. Jaejoong, his heart still beating fast from the sudden scare, stuttered in embarassment, "Y...Y-Yah! Shut up!"

Hyun, after calming herself, she sat at the table. "So, what are you cooking?" Jaejoong looked away, "Dinner..." Hyun smiled. "It smells nice." Jaejoong grinned at Hyun "Aw, Hyunniee's opening up to oppa!" Hyun's eyes widened in bewilderment as she turned pink. "Shut up! No way man! Sheesh! What the heck are you talking about? Stop trying to flatter yourself!" She stood up and walked away. "I'm gonna go watch  T.V." With that, she left Jaejoong alone, smiling.  When Jaejoong finished cooking the rest of the dinner, he put the food all in one tray, and headed towards the living room himself.


Xiah and So Young cleaned up the mess they made when they finished cooking. Xiah got the dishes ready as So Young was putting away her washed cooking materials. Xiah was already starving from the scent of the food. As they settled down, they started to dig in. They ate and ate until they were full and bloated. That's when So Young let out a quiet burp. She smacked her mouth and her eyes widened. Her face turned bright red in embarrassment as Xiah laughed.

"Haha, oh my gosh! You burped!" Xiah couldn't stop laughing how adorable So Young was.

So Young was flustered. Too embarrassed and wanting Xiah to stop laughing at her, she dipped her fingers in her glass of water and flicked them at Xiah.

"H-Hey!" Xiah said, laughing as he fought back too. At the end, they were in their little food fight, in their own world.

In a  few hours after they both cleaned the kitchen and their selves, So Young was still in the kitchen as Xiah went to the living room to watch television. So Young couldn't stop smiling. She was having such a good time. She looked out the small window, up at the stars. The stars beamed at her, and she beamed at them. She was so happy. So alive. After she finished cleaning up, she walked towards the living room.


She stood there. Xiah was laying on the couch, asleep. So Young looked at how beautiful he was. She slowly walked up to Xiah and sat on the floor. She looked at his face closely, and couldn't help but smile. His face was flawless, with cheeks cute enough to pinch. So Young smiled and got up. She quietly went upstairs and bought back some blankets and pillows for Xiah. She gently lifted his head and placed the softest pillow she had under his head. She quietly and slowly put a blanket over Xiah, and sat back down, staring at him again. So Young smiled at she turned around, leaned on the couch and watched T.V.


Hyun couldn't believe how good Jaejoong's food tasted. The taste would just explode in her mouth. She was so hungry, she didn't notice Jaejoong watch her stuff her mouth. They were sitting on the couch eating, with the television in front of them.

"Be careful! Don't choke!"

 Hyun rolled her eyes on him as she continued to gobble down her food. Jaejoong shook his head and continued to watch T.V. After about twenty-three minutes, Jaejoong finished his food. He was about to get up and clean up the floor that was crowded with empty dishes, until he felt something on his shoulder. Jaejoong stared.

Hyun was asleep.

Jaejoong was mesmerized again. He wanted to touch those soft cheeks again, but retrained himself. He just observed her face. Jaejoong slowly brushed Hyun's bangs out of the way. He just didn't understand himself. He felt like he wanted to protect this stupid girl. He wanted to take care of her. Jaejoong felt Hyun shiver as she unconsciously drew herself nearer to Jaejoong. Her arms slid through Jaejoong's arm, linking them together. Jaejoong froze, not knowing what to do, not knowing how to respond. Jaejoong, ever so slowly, turned a bit to face her fully, making Hyun's head rest against his chest instead of his shoulder. Hyun continued to shiver. After a few minutes of thinking, Jaejoong slowly wrapped his arms around her and secured her tightly while he managed to lay on the couch himself. After a while, Hyun stopped shivering and shifted her position. She turned around and faced Jaejoong. At this point, Jaejoong didn't know what to do. His heart was beating at a rate where he couldn't even breathe. He just stared at the sleeping Hyun until he noticed something.

Hyun was smiling. She was smiling in her sleep.

Jaejoong's heart fluttered and he wrapped his strong arms tighter. He took a deep breath, inhaling the intoxicating scent from Hyun. Jaejoong slowly felt himself drift away...

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