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Your Number One Fan: Chapter 2

Title: Your Number One Fan
Parings: [main] Jaejoong && Fictional girl  [side] DBSK and Fictional group.
Ratings: not rated yet.
Warnings: I dont think I have any...uhh...curse words?

Summary: There was DBSK. And then there was LaLaGC.

Two different groups.

Two different worlds...
collide in one small universe.

Chapter Two: Getting To Know The Group.

“LaLaGC is a group of five female singers,” Yunho read out loud from the computer screen. The four boys of Dong Bang Shin Ki crowded around Xiah as they gazed at the article they found from the internet.

“Park Soo Yun, Han Yun Hee, Jung Mi Hi, Kim Sun Mi, and Cheong Cho Yee…”

Xiah scrolled down. “Their ages range from 20-22. The group came up with the name LaLaGC from an American /Western style of slang. ‘Lala’, as the girls described once in a talk show, represents different genres and styles of music. ‘GC’ abbreviates the English words ‘Get Crunk.’”

“…Ah!” Yoochun exclaimed as he snapped his fingers and smirked with realization.

“What?” Changmin stared at him, who must know what the American words mean. Ignoring the two boys, Yunho continued reading.

“The word ‘crunk’ is a combination of the word ‘crazy’ and ‘funk’ in America. All together, the singers described LaLaGC’s meaning as enjoying and loving any kind of music they make and sing.”

“Ooh,” the rest of the boys said in harmonization.

“I get it,” Jaejoong spoke out; a soft smile crept onto his mouth as he leaned closer to the laptop to take a better look.

“There’s more,” Yunho continued. “The members of the group have known each other since elementary school and been trainees together for 3 years. With a lot of rushing and strict training during their last trainee year, they learned to master singing and dancing, even advanced Japanese and English.”

The boys gaped in shock. Unbelievable. “Wah,” Xiah’s jaw almost dropped. “Sugoi…” He scrolled back up to the clickable names. He clicked on ‘Park Soo Yun (Leader).’

“Park Soo Yun, leader of the group, represents the present and future generation of the music industry. She’s known to be like an older sister of the group and she gives out the most criticism towards the group. She is said to be the most demanding member of the group. She came to Korea from Los Angeles, California of America and met Cho Yee when they were very young. She passed the auditions by her dancing and singing skills. She spent 3 years as a trainee under her entertainment business. She is one of the three members of the group that composes most of the songs LaLaGC sings. She composed songs like, “Day Break” and “Early Goodbye” and sang songs like “Together” and “Like it’s Golden” with famous artists, such as BoA, and Ayumi Hamasaki. During their third interview, Soo Yun said that Yunho from DBSK (TVXQ) was the one who inspired her to sing.”

“Wah,” Yunho grinned, looking at Soo Yun’s profile picture. “I’m awesome ne!?” She had dark tense eyes and a heart shaped face with flawless skin; her face showed nothing but natural strength and confidence. Yunho’s happy and proud face immediately turned into the opposite once Xiah ignored his pride and clicked on the next member, “Han Yun Hee.”

“Han Yun Hee is the second youngest members of LaLaGC. She represents the quiet and peaceful side of the group. Han Yun Hee was immediately put into the entertainment business when she was spotted performing for a small crowd and recorded on video. The video of her was then sent to SM Entertainment by her big sister. Han Yun Hee is said to be the most emotional and sensitive member. She was born and raised in Queens, New York of America and moved the Korea when she was around seven years old with her father when her parents divorced. When she moved to Korea, she lived next to Mi Hi, and met the rest of the members in the beginning of elementary school. Other than a singer, she had composed some songs like “Tear-stained” and “Alive” with a lot of help from Cho Yee. Micky Yoochun from DBSK (TVXQ) was her biggest influence.”

Micky stood silent as he observed Yun Hee’s profile picture behind his rimmed glasses. Yun Hee’s hair was as dark as night, with bright honey highlights. She looked sophisticated and her smile was soft and gentle. She seemed to glow like an angel, even when it was only a picture on a computer screen. Micky stopped staring when Xiah finally clicked on another name, “Jung Mi Hi.”

“Jun Mi Hi represents the childish and carefree side of LaLaGC. She’s part Chinese and part Korean. She was born in Memphis, Tennessee of America and moved to Korea when she was eleven. She lived with her parents and big brother, until her brother committed suicide on her 16th birthday. She was rejected by many entertainment businesses, until she auditioned for SM Entertainment and finally became a trainee. Though she’s the youngest, many are shocked by her matury. She loves to read and write. She has already began her acting career with another member of the group. She has said that she was a huge fan of Changmin from DBSK (TVXQ).”

Changmin felt horrible for Mi Hi’s past, but he couldn’t help but admire her cheerful face. He found it adorable when he saw her ‘V’ sign with her cheesy grin.

“Oh look!” Xiah pointed at the picture. “That’s the girl I said was pretty!” He quickly clicked on the name next to it.

“Kim Sun Mi represents the sexy and charismatic side of LaLaGC. From a family that owns a clothing brand, she’s the only member that was born in Korea. Sun Mi was immediately signed in SM Entertainment when she charmed the hudges after she was finished auditioning with a strong promise to ‘make SM Entertainment proud to have chosen her.’ During her trainee years, not only did she had to learn Japanese, she was the only one that had to take English classes because the rest of the group already knew English naturally. Sun Mi is the other member of LaLaGC that has already began an acting career. She’s a huge fan of Xiah Junsu from DBSK (TVXQ).

From her profile picture, Sun Mi had light brown hair and brown hazel eyes. Her face structure looked like it was carefully carved out of soft milk-colored marble. She had long lashes and long curled hair. Her eyes and smile were filled with charm and charisma. Xiah grinned, proud to have such a pretty fan. He clicked on the last person, “Cheong Cho Yee.”

“Even though she’s not the leader of the group, Cheong Cho Yee contains and represents everything the rest of the members have. She has all the qualities, but she is mostly a symbol of women’s pride, beauty, and strength in LaLaGC. She’s the oldest member of the group, being the age of 22. She moved to Korea when she was 12. She was born in Manhattan, New York of America. She was accepted into SM Entertainment without hesitation by her singing. She’s been singing since she was six years old. Her childhood past is still unknown, causing Cho Yee to have a mysterious side of her. Though partially mysterious, she’s known and admired for her sense of humor and positive thinking. Among the group she takes the most pictures, earning her the nickname of being a ‘camwhore’. She’s already caught attention of many well known artists that wish to collaborate with LaLaGC. The group considers Cho Yee as the ‘daddy’ of the group. Even though she rarely shows weak emotions, she cares for the group like little children; making sure that not do the group work its hardest, but to stay healthy and strong. She was voted as Asia’s #1 single woman last month. Cho Yee is also a composer who already composed many songs for LaLaGC, like their hit single “Inseperable.” YoungWoong Jaejoong from DBSK (TVXQ) was her biggest influence. “He created dreams for me,” Cho Yee once stated in a serious interview not too long ago.”

So the girl with the pretty hands is Cho Yee, Jaejoong thought as he studied her face. Her soft brown eyes were big, and she had round cheeks with soft looking lips. Her smile was adorable to Jaejoong. He remembered it now. Her teeth weren’t perfectly shaped, but it looked like she has cat fangs. Jaejoong smiled as he remembered how he commented how her teeth was so cute, causing her to turn as red as tomato.

“They haven’t changed much, eh?” Jaejoong asked the group as he continued to study Cho Yee’s features. She looked the same to him, it was almost too surprising.

“Yep. They haven’t changed much,” Yunho stated as he clicked back to the previous page and scrolled down to a section where it said, “Gossip.”

“Hyung,” Changmin said, rolling his eyes at Yunho. “You’re actually interested in that stuff?”

Yunho grinned. “It’s fun.” He began to read out loud.

“Though not confirmed yet, LaLaGC will be filming a drama in a few weeks.”

Jaejoong grabbed a fashion magazine from the glass counter as he listened to Yunho.


“Not too long ago, a rumor started that Cho Yee and hit singer/dancer Se7en was a had a close relationship with each other…”

“Boh?” Jaejoong shot up in surprise and stared at Yunho, waiting for him to continure.

“But it was later confirmed by Cho Yee and Se7en that the rumor was false. Cho Yee and Se7en described their selves as close and respected friends towards each other, with no feelings involved.”

“Che,” Micky grunted. “People these days are just too desperate for gossip.”

“Yeah,” Changmin agreed. “But you can’t blame them. They worry, you know? It’s like us being freaked out if our fans cheat on us.”

Jaejoong laughed with the rest of the members as he slowly leaned back on his chair, smiling to himself. He and the rest of DBSK were happy and proud.

They were proud to see their fans again.

Very proud.

Jaejoong hoped to meet them again one day.

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