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For all fans who love DBSK~

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5/30/08 05:49 am - shattered_messx - Jaejoong and His Tongue Actions...

LOL I just really had to post this up.

Jaejoong's tongue actions.
The song really made be laugh much hehe xP
Gosh it kills me. Made my morning<3

CREDIT to justyou.

5/29/08 05:52 pm - shattered_messx - Love In The Ice: Chapter 1

Title: Love In The Ice
Parings: [main] Jaejoong and Fictional girl && [side]Junsu and Fictional girl.
Ratings: Don't Know. You tell me.
Warnings: I dont think I have any...

"Home--the only time and place that protects you from the world made of lies."

My name's Lee Hyun Ae. Thick skinned, independent, strong, hard-headed Hyun Ae. Well...that's what most people describe me as. I never understood why though. I'm not mean at all. I just don't let people get close to me since I don't trust anyone, but one person, Han So Young, my girly since childhood. My best friend, almost like a perfect sister. I have a house to live in -- with two parents. Stupid parents.  Mom's nocturnal-- sleeping during day and going out during the night, and dad's an alcoholic. Though I have a house to live in, I never had a place to call Home. Until he came along and revived my frozen stiff heart, making it learn the definition of hate, hurt, passion, and love. Until he...

Kim JaeJoong...

swept the dust away and brought different varieties of color into my life.

Please enjoy and comment !

5/28/08 05:06 pm - shattered_messx - This community begins: O5.28.2OO8

Okay...so I made this community.
I'm kinda like...half excited and half nervous.
Half excited because I'm hoping this community will become a success
yet half nervous because I don't want a tumbleweed to pass by this may-soon-to-be-deserted community.
bear with me please!
Join this community to share your ideas and creativity of DBSK!
Once you join, all members can post.
Entries...are approved by moderators.
Okay, so thats one problem.
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